Peter Mott has brought together his lifeas a physician and his activism onbehalf of human rights to give us what he calls a “diagnosis and prescription” for our nation, which badly needs both. This is a work of both fact and imagination, with a spiritual thread, a moral center, and it comes at a time in our history when we can use both common sense about the present and hope. for the future.
Howard Zinn, Professor Emeritus, History, Boston University

I’ve met too many idealistic young people without the skills to organize or the know-how to actually effect social change (I fear most days that I am one of them!). In this book, Dr. Mott does something vital, which is to not just develop a well-researched prognosis of “patient USA’s” socio-political disease, but provide a useful personal account of activist technique, as well as a comprehensive vision for a cure.
Ani DiFranco, Singer and Song-writer

This book is at once a diagnosis of the oncoming American tragedy by an experienced physician, and a call to – and prescription for – action from a long-time, highly knowledgeable activist. His first-hand experiences, notably in the United States and Latin America, deserve attention and, one hopes, will fuel discussions that help produce policies radically different from those of the recent past.
Walter LaFeber, author of America, Russia, and the Cold War, 1945-2006.